Ai Arbitrage

Alptrage is the result of 22 years of hard work, dedication and most importantly knowledge of the risk free, advantageous service we call Arbitrage.

Since 2013 Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have shown great progress and are now some of the worlds, safest, fastest and most successful methods of payment. There are 2,000+ crypto exchanges representing diverse levels of sophistication, liquidity, and trust worthiness. The continuous, dramatic fluctuations in crypto prices naturally lead to many of these markets reporting different values for the same currency making them ideal for arbitraging.

Our experts have picked up on this great arbitraging opportunity in 2017 and have practiced manual crypto currency arbitraging until late 2019. After facing the challenges presented by this expanding and very volatile market in mid 2019 our software engineers started on developing an algorithm that would revolutionize crypto currency arbitraging for us.

Alptrage uses a highly sophisticated algorithm which is integrated in over 220 different exchanges that scouts for the best buying and selling prices for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. It calculates fees, possible profits and the time exposure for each and every arbitrage transaction, creating a risk free fully automated service for us and all of our investors. Besides the sophisticated algorithm every arbitrage transaction is double checked by our hard working 24/7 technical team to guarantee the best possible outcome.

Our main goal is to always innovate and keep up with this expanding market resulting in our future projects which are:
- Becoming our own crypto exchange.
- ICO launch of our own crypto
-A Blockchain based charity Application